Post Production

Wearing the Producer’s Hat

As Sounds Dangerous develops its footprint in Hollywood, we can now add both ‘Film Producer’ to our list of services and the short film ‘The Release’ to our ever developing portfolio of work. Written and directed by John Sideropoulos, produced by Mike Leahy and Chris Falson with immense production assistance from Tony Green (sound mixing and sound design) and Sandra… Read more →

Imagine Communications

While we do prefer being a ‘production partner’ from the very beginning of a project, we have somehow earned a reputation of the ‘quick turnaround’ guys. This is another one of those “we need it yesterday” calls. While the job had its brain draining challenges, what made the task more pleasurable  was that we were working once again with Bill… Read more →

Sidemen Take Center Stage

Hank Linderman, one of our featured artists (guitarist, engineer, producer) and one of my favorite people  is performing at McCabe’s in Santa Monica this coming Sunday, the 26th of January… which just happens to be Australia Day… I promise to remind him and thank him for the gesture. If you don’t know Hank, he is one of those ‘go to’… Read more →

Breast Cancer & a Cure for Writer’s Block

It might sound like an oxymoron but when it comes to writing songs, music or any kind of narrative I find it strangely freeing when given a carefully defined scene or specific subject matter. I often suffer a type of writer’s block when I don’t have a starting point or I can’t find any good reason to start the writing… Read more →

LA Needs Another Guitar Player

I arrived in LA in ’93 armed with a few guitars, an indie publishing deal and recording contract with a small US label. I was living the small town dream in the big smoke. However the initial euphoria of the palm tree laden streets, the Hollywood sign and the back wall of the Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard (guitar heaven)… Read more →

Startrek Enterprise, Larry Carlton and Swiss Cheese

For many years we’ve written and produced additional music for various NBC, HBO, WB and CBS episodic, reality, current affairs and sports shows. On one such occasion we had to drop everything to help out a ‘regular’ client fulfill his deadline. It was a Tuesday around 10 am when the Startrek Enterprise music producer called to say that the director… Read more →

Music Supervisors and Crisis Management

When I first entered the music licensing world as a songwriter/producer one of my early ‘new comer’ observations was that the majority of music requests seemed to be in that ‘last minute panic mode”, especially those concerning the US network episodic television placements. There are many reasons for this… tight deadlines, shifting budgets, last minute scene additions or edits and… Read more →